No refunds will be given for cancellations.

Please respect our staff, referees, and other teams. We reserve the right to expel any team, player, or guest at any time.



YOU MUST SIGN THE ONLINE WAIVER FORM BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. If we do not have record of you signing the waiver, you will not be allowed to play.

Players must come dressed ready to play, as there are no locker rooms or changing areas available.

Wear non-slip shoes suitable for a hardwood or rubber surface.

Teams have 2 minutes to leave the field after the final whistle to ensure that the next team can warm up.

Players and guests have access to the gymnasium and restroom only and are not permitted anywhere else in the building. Please exit the building promptly after your game is finished.


A minimum of 4 players are required to start the game, otherwise the team must forfeit. For coed leagues, a minimum of one female and one male player must be on the field at all times.

Futsal matches comprise two periods each lasting 25 minutes of actual playing time. The clock is running. 3 minutes break at half time.

Unlimited substitutions
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players (a goalkeeper and four outfield players). There is no restriction on the number of substitutions that may be made during a match. Substitutions may be made at any time, whether the ball is in play or not, but only in the specially demarcated substitution zones.

Replacement of sent-off players
A substitute player may replace a sent-off player and enter the pitch two full minutes after the sending-off. They may, however, enter the pitch before the two minutes have elapsed should their team concede a goal while a player down.

Accumulated fouls and the second penalty mark
Accumulated fouls are those penalized with a direct free-kick or penalty kick, regardless of whether advantage has been played or not. If a team commits a sixth accumulated foul, the opposing side may take the subsequent free-kick awarded to them without a wall, either from the second penalty mark, which is positioned four meters behind the first, or from a position even closer to the penalty area if the foul was committed between the goal line and the second penalty mark.

Goals may not be scored directly from the kick-off in futsal.

Offside: Nope.

Kick-ins are indirect. The ball must be placed on or no more than 10 inches behind the line and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds. The kicker's non-kicking foot must be out of bounds or on the line. (A kick-in that goes directly in the opposing goal is a goal clearance for the opposing team. A kick-in that goes directly in the defensive goal is a corner kick of the opposing team.)

Corner Kicks
Direct. The ball must be placed directly on the corner spot and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds.

Free Kicks
Free kicks may be indirect or direct. The ball must be stopped completely before the kick may be taken.

Penalty Kicks
PKs are taken from the penalty spot and must be shot at goal by a clearly identified kicker. Defenders may not be nearer to the ball than 12 feet and must be behind an imaginary line running from touchline to touchline even with the penalty spot.

For all of the above, except goal clearances, opponents may not be closer to the ball than 12 feet.

If the ball hits the ceiling or other object, the team that did not touch the ball last restarts play with a kick-in from the nearest point on the touchline.

Direct Free Kicks
When a player plays in a dangerous manner, impedes an opponent (without playing the ball), slides, prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball with her hands or commits any offense for which play is stopped to caution or eject a player. When a player kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, slide tackles an opponent or slides with an opponent near (automatic yellow card/caution), jumps at an opponent, charges at an opponent, strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, pushes an opponent, holds an opponent, spits at an opponent or handles the ball deliberately.

Yellow Card / Caution
The offending player is shown a yellow card. If a player earns two yellow cards in a match, he is shown a red card.

Red Card / Ejection
The offending team plays down for two minutes unless scored upon before the two-minute penalty expires.

Accumulated Fouls / AFPK
All penal fouls are recorded on the scoresheet and on the scoreboard. If red fouls blue a sixth time in one half, for that sixth penal foul and all subsequent penal fouls in that half, blue is awarded an accumulated fouls penalty kick. If the foul occurs farther from the attacking goal than the second penalty spot, the AFPK is taken from the second penalty spot. If the foul occurs nearer to the attacking goal than the second penalty spot (but outside the penalty area, of course),the attacking team takes the AFPK from the second penalty spot. All AFPK's must be shot at goal by a clearly identified kicker. The defending team may not make a wall and may not be nearer to the ball than 16 feet and must be behind an imaginary line running from touchline to touchline even with the spot of the kick. The goalkeeper may be off her line, but may not be nearer than 16 feet from the ball. Accumulated fouls are reset to zero at the beginning of the second half.

Second Penalty Spot: 24 feet from the center of the goal

Penalty Spot: 18 feet from the center of the goal

Goalkeepers have only four seconds in which to play the ball, with either their hands or feet, and may not touch it again if it has been deliberately played to them by a team-mate without an opponent playing or touching it. Goalkeepers are also now free to play anywhere on the pitch.

  • Must wear a different color shirt. She may wear long pants and/or other padding as deemed safe by the match referee.

  • May receive a kickin directly.

  • May kick the ball directly over the halfway line.

  • May score directly with his feet during the run of play.

  • May not punt or drop-kick the ball. (Ball must settle to the ground or be touched first, no "air" under the ball when kicked.)

  • May not possess the ball for more than four seconds in her own half.

  • May throw the ball directly across the half-way line. A ball thrown directly into the opposing goal results in a goal clearance for the opposing team.